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Hilton Coliseum Specs | Tecnical Information

Full House Power
- 800 amps, three-phase, 25’ from up stage center -- east end
- 400 amps, three-phase, 25’ from up stage center -- east end
- 200 amps, three-phase, 25’ from up stage center -- east end
-250 amps, three-phase, back of house -- west end

Half House Power
-Extension equipment for half-house power
Preferred mixing platform placement 90’ from stage center; can be elevated (location
varies - decided by stage placement)
-Standard average light in basketball floor area
-120 fc vertical
-290 fc horizontal
-In-House lighting available lighting truss can be flown
-Four Super Trouper spotlights
-ETC - Impression computer lighting console
-Strand-Century Mantrix II manual lighting board with 36 Channels
-43 - 2.4kw dimmers on 80 in-house lighting circuits
-In-House sound system available
-Clear-com intercom
-Rear projection potential; in house 10 1/2’ x 14’ front or rear screen
-Front projection potential with no obstructions to 200’
-Ceiling height over stage -- 79’6” to floor; deduct height of stage for true clearance
-Pyrotechnics permitted with proper licensing and inspections
-1/2 house curtain available -main section 100’ wide x 46’ tall with 2 - 50’ wide tapered wings to fly over the seating area

Portable Stage
-104 - Modular components 4’ by 8’ -- Wenger Type C Adjustable height 48” - 78”
-Risers - 8”, 16”, 24”, 32” - limited quantity
-Maximum stage size 3,200 square feet
-Maximum width 88’ (Fire Aisle Limitations)
-Roof has a false ceiling; beams are cleared for rigging
-Weight limitations are determined by point load
-All rigging must be approved in advance by Risk Mgmt
-Typical - 3 beams over stage area:
-Run parallel to front edge of standard 40’ deep stage
-28’6” center of beam to center of beam.
-Choice of rigging beams varies within stage location
-Experienced, qualified riggers are provided at shows expense

Rigging Equipment
-6 - 1/2 ton CM Loadstars w/65’ chain
-4 - 1 ton CM Loadstars w/60’ chain
-4 - 2 ton CM Loadstars w/60’ chain
-2 - 4 way motor control (Stage Rigging)
-Misc. Rigging Steel/Shackles/Span Sets/Rope Ladders
-Misc. Rigging Ropes
-100’ - Universal Lighting Truss (full house)
-100’ - 20” x 20” Truss (full house)
-100’ - 12” x 12” Truss (full house)

Dressing rooms and facilities
-Six Dressing rooms available with toilets and showers
-All rooms are lockable security for these rooms provided through Hilton event services manager
-Water source backstage capable of 120 gpm at 75 psi or more
-Drain backstage
-Crew bus parking and power available near backstage entrance to Coliseum (please contact Brooke Croshier-Sidebotham)

-Uniformed police required; however, backstage security handled by Hilton Associate Director Event Services
-No truck security provided (unless requested in advance)
-Security contact: Brooke Croshier-Sidebotham *515-294-1770(office)/515-450-2495 (cell)

We have agreements with a number of caterers, who can provide for the catering needs of any event produced at Hilton Coliseum.

Emergency Provisions
-Fire exits required beyond wings
-Cables permitted in aisles, if secured
-Pyrotechnics are permitted, but must be licensed and inspected by local fire marshal
-No smoking on University grounds due to State of Iowa law
-Medical services mandatory if estimated attendance is over 1,000; this includes one emergency medical technician and one emergency first aid facility (2 of each for and estimated attendance over 3,000 and up to 6 for and estimated attendance over 6,000), cost available upon request
-Ambulance available on request.