On April 12, 2014 Hilton opened the doors to another SOLD OUT crowd for the 8th Annual Cy’s House of Trivia!  This year, The Nadas performed live and competed with teams as celebrities along Jamie Pollard, Paul Rhoads, Bill Fennelly, Hallie Christofferson, and Seneca Wallace to name a few.

Existing Trivia Team Registration:
Existing teams have the opportunity to renew their table each year. Any un-renewed tables or teams who do not attend will be forfeited for the following year.

Lottery Table Registration:
Non-renewed tables from the previous year, plus five (5) additional tables will be placed in a random lottery every year to allow new teams to join in on the excitement of Cy’s House of Trivia. A $50 refundable deposit is required to join the lottery pool. Winning teams will be selected at random and anyone can enter this lottery pool. If selected, the $50 fee will be applied towards the $500 table cost.

Each year’s “table lottery” winners will be given the first opportunity to secure non-renewed tables the following year (if available). Priority is given to the order of their lottery selection. If all tables are renewed the following year, lottery winners will have to re-enter the ”table lottery” each year.


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