In November of 2011, Iowa State University self-reported violations largely related to improper documentation of telephonic communications and failure to appropriately monitor such communications.  

Specifically, Iowa State reported 1,259 calls in which coaches failed to reach prospects (left a voice message or a call was dropped) and that communication was not properly logged. For these calls, a violation would not have occurred had the staff member made proper contemporaneous notes.

ISU also reported 225 calls not related to documentation errors, that (1) occurred after a call limitation threshold was met, (2) were made during an impermissible time or (3) were made by an impermissible staff member.  

All of these reported violations occurred over a three-year period (June, 2008 through June, 2011) and were spread out amongst the department’s 18 sports.    

In response to these violations, ISU self-imposed and implemented recruiting restrictions and proposed a two-year probationary period lasting until September 2015.  The probation will not have any effect on incoming student-athletes. The entire public infractions report can be found at the link on the right.

Any person that has questions about this self-report or any other compliance matter is encouraged to contact the athletics compliance office.  

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