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Courtesy: Athletics Communications

Donor Profile: Jerilyn Quigley

Release: 02/21/2008
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AMES, Iowa – Jerilyn Quigley, a State’s level Cyclone Club member since she graduated from Iowa State in 2002, has brought a Cardinal and Gold tint to her family. 

Q: When did you attend your first Cyclone Event?

A: “The first time I watched an ISU game would have been my sophomore year at a football game. I transferred from Minneapolis to Ames in the fall of 1999 and fell in love with sporting events. I lived across the hall from all of the women's basketball team in Freeman Hall and my roommate was women’s basketball player Ashley Homeyer. When I decided to transfer I had all of my bags packed and was prepared to go to Iowa. My entire family are Hawkeyes, but Iowa didn’t have my major, so it was between ISU and UNI. When I told my mom that I was planning on going to Ames there was dead silence over the phone. I’ve loved every minute of being a Cyclone ever since.”

Q: What was your most memorable game as a Cyclone fan?

A: “For me the best games that I was a part of would have to be the Iowa State-Iowa football games. I went to all of the women’s basketball games so I really enjoyed going down to Kansas City for the Big 12 Tournament. Also seeing Cael Sanderson wrestle was amazing, we saw history in the making with him.”

Q: What was your favorite Cyclone Road Trip?

A: “I have had a chance to go to a lot of the bowl games, but the only one I went to was down in Shreveport for the Independence Bowl. We drove down there with some friends and that was definitely a neat experience. Another fun game was the 2002 Eddie Robinson Classic against Florida State in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. We should have won both of those games, but those road trips were sure a lot of fun.”

Q: So who are some of your favorite players you watched throughout the years?

A: “I could name off the entire women’s basketball team in 1999. Angie Welle, Erica Junod, Desiree Francis, just to name a few. I liked watching all of the sports, so no one individual stood out.”

Q: Why did you decide to join the Cyclone Club?

A: “I did it just to give back to Iowa State – the University and the athletic teams. I’ve been a State’s 250 club member since the fall of 2002. I loved going to football games, so by donating money I could get season tickets. I came here my sophomore year and was a diehard Hawkeye fan. One day I was walking on campus and turned a corner and almost ran into former head basketball coach Larry Eustachy. It was the week before the Iowa basketball game and I was wearing my Hawkeye gear. He didn’t say a word, but kind of looked at me in disgust. As the months went on I grew into becoming a Cyclone fan and now I have an ISU license plate, attend all of the games, and I am the only Cyclone in my family.”

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