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Courtesy: Athletics Communications

Donor Profile: Mike and Shelly Fliehe

Release: 05/01/2008
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AMES, Iowa - Mike Fliehe graduated from Iowa State in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. His wife Shelly graduated that same year, in accounting and management information systems. Mike grew up in Logan, Iowa and went to school at Logan-Magnolia High School before attending ISU. He currently resides with his wife in Minneapolis, Minn., as they both work for the global company Ernst and Young. The couple has two future Cyclones at home Sam is 3 years old, and Casey 3 months.

Q: Why did you join the Cyclone Club?

A: “When I went to school at Iowa State I was a student intern for the athletics communications department. My interest in Cyclone athletics really started when I began working there. I could interact with everything going on in Iowa State sports. I worked there from 1993 to 1996, which was my sophomore year up until I graduated. I helped with everything from gameday setup to writing media guides to taking stats."

“Working there also created some opportunities for me in college. I was able to travel with the men’s basketball team down to Kansas City for the Big Eight Tournament in 1996. That year Iowa State was responsible for media relations at the tournament. It was one of the greatest experiences, because we won that tournament, and it was also the last Big Eight Tournament ever played."'

“Since I have graduated one of the things that has kept me involved is the Cyclone Club. I live in Minneapolis, so up here it is Big Ten country. I look at everyday and that really allows me to keep up on Iowa State athletics. It is great because I have the ability to watch games online, whether it be football, basketball, or volleyball. If it’s not televised on ESPN, then I am fortunate to watch it on the internet.”

Q: When did you attend your very first Iowa State athletic event?

A:“When I was about 6 years old my parents brought me to a football game. It would have been around 1978, and I have made it back for plenty of games since that day. My parents would bring me up to quite a few games as a child and I remember looking up to those players so much. Currently I am a part of the Captains level of the Cyclone Club and continue to attend as many games as I possibly can."

Q: What was your most memorable game that you attended as a Cyclone fan?

A: “My freshman year in college (1992) we beat Nebraska at home in football. I remember that game so well because my dad was a big Husker fan and he came up for the game. All of those years rooting against each other in football games (the Iowa State win) made up for it right then and there. The greatest play in that game was when “Marvelous” Marv Seiler had that long run down towards the endzone."

“There were so many good basketball games throughout the years as well. The Kansas game (1995) when Fred Hoiberg erupted for 32 pts, and had 17 in a row, was amazing. That is one game that sticks out in my mind. It didn’t matter how big the school was coming in, because we had a chance to beat any team with how loud Hilton Coliseum could get.”

Q: What was your favorite Cyclone road trip?

A: “Some of the greatest victories were when we beat Iowa in Kinnick Stadium. I was there in 2000 when J.J. Moses had the end around for the touchdown on the very first play of the game. Also I made the trip to Iowa City when we beat them two years later with Seneca (Wallace). That play where he threw out of the endzone to Jack Whitver is something that I will never forget. Sporting events are all about the atmosphere and I remember Kinnick Stadium just getting completely silent during that game."

“Watching Seneca Wallace play football was incredible. I know that he made it across that pylon against Florida State in 2002. That was really a defining moment; the fact that we could play on that stage against that caliber team. It was great that we could take that game to the end, and it really showed people that Iowa State could play against anyone."

“I feel like every time that I went on the road we would lose. When our football team was ranked ninth in the country (2002) I went down to the Oklahoma game. We lost that game badly, and it’s funny because I had tickets to the next week’s game in Texas and cancelled that trip quickly. I was there in Lawrence, Kansas when we had a chance to win the Big 12 North in football (2005). I have seen a lot of great games on the road, but nothing compares to the atmosphere in Hilton Coliseum or Jack Trice Stadium.”

Q: Name some of your favorite players and coaches for Iowa State?

A: “(Former basketball coach) Johnny Orr was so good with the crowd; he could really connect with the fans. I would say he is probably my favorite coach of all time."

“Jeff Hornacek was amazing; I loved watching him play in the NBA for the Jazz. He was one of those guys that didn’t have the most talent in the world, but just stuck with it to the end. He turned out to be a very good player in the NBA."

“I remember I was in some of the same classes in college with Fred Hoiberg. He was probably one of the most humble guys on campus. He was always in class, took his studies seriously, and was a great role model for everyone. And oh yeah, he was “the Mayor,” one of the best players to come out of Iowa State."

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