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In what order are benefits assigned?

Donor benefits for priority seating and parking are assigned in the order of (1) highest annual giving level and (2) individual donor rank––based upon priority point totals––within that giving level.

I’ve requested a seating change. How does the ticket office process my request?

The ISU Athletics Ticket Office places every seating request in order by donor level and then priority points within that level.  It’s important to note the ticket office defines an upgrade as lower and closer to mid-court or mid-field unless specific directives are given by the ticket holder. If clarification or additional information is needed regarding the request, the ticket holder will be contacted by the ticket office.

How do I request my football season tickets and/or parking stall to be near friends?

Donors wishing to park in the same lot or sit in the same section as friends must indicate this information on the football season ticket renewal. It is necessary that all parties indicate their desire to sit and/or park together on their respective renewal forms. The assignment is based on the party with the lowest donation level and/or priority point total.

As a young adult do I qualify for any special offers? 

Cyclone fans ages 20 to 29 can purchase up to two football and/or men’s basketball tickets at a significantly reduced rate (almost half) if he or she is a member of the Cyclone Club. A copy of the ticket holder’s driver’s license must be provided to the ISU Athletics Ticket Office to receive this discount.

What happens if I do not fulfill my pledge to the Cyclone Club?

A donor, who does not fulfill a pledge, may not make a pledge for the following year until the unsatisfied pledge is paid.  If a donor’s account is not reconciled by the end of the calendar year, that donor will be considered an inactive club member.

Am I guaranteed to have the same parking lot assignment for football each season?

No. The Cyclone Club staff tries to accommodate all football parking requests. However, parking is allocated based upon supply and demand and it is subject to change each year.

Are priority points earned for donations to ISU departments or units outside of athletics?

No, donations to units or colleges outside of athletics are not counted for priority points in the Cyclone Club. If you have a question about receiving priority points for a specific giving idea, contact the Cyclone Club for a clarification.

I am a $2,500 annual donor who has been in the Cyclone Club for 10 years.  I want to move my seats.  My friend is at the $5,000 level and joined two years ago.  She is purchasing season tickets for the first time.  Who would have their ticket request reviewed first?

The $5,000 donor would have his/her ticket request reviewed first because his/her annual giving category is higher.

Do Iowa State University Faculty/Staff receive any benefits for priority seating at football and basketball?

Current full-time or retired faculty/staff (verified with ISU Human Resources) may sit in designated faculty staff sections at the stadium and the coliseum and receive a discount on the season ticket price for up to two tickets.  Faculty/Staff can also sit in a Cyclone Club donor seating area and receive four priority seats with two season tickets at a discounted price and the other two at public price as long as they contribute the appropriate donation level for that area.

Is my membership in the Cyclone Club tax deductible?

If you make a contribution for the benefit of the University and then receive (directly or indirectly) benefits, including the right to purchase tickets for seating at an athletics event, you may be permitted to take a charitable deduction of up to 80% of the contributed amount. Please consult a tax advisor regarding charitable deductions