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Courtesy: Athletics Communications

Cyclone Women in Second After Day Two

Release: 05/04/2013
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WACO, TX- Ese and Ej Okoro led an Iowa State women's team that qualified five runners for the finals on Sunday at the 2013 Big 12 Outdoor Championships.  The Cyclone women currently sit in second place with 41 points, trailing only Kansas, which has 53.

All-American Ej Okoro was the third-fastest qualifer in the Saturday's  800-meter run prelims and knows that more is to come Sunday.

“I took it out the first 200 and I went with the pace,” Okoro said.  “Coming towards the final lap I turned it up because I felt comfortable. My main objective was just to qualify so I did everything that I set out to do. I’m excited for tomorrow.”

Ese Okoro finished second in the 400-meter hurdles behind Danielle Dowie from Texas. While the Cyclone senior was happy with today’s results, she is prepared for the finals.

“It was a good race,” Okoro said. “I wanted to win so I could get a good lane draw. Tomorrow I will need to run a PR. I will need to be consistent and stay focused.”

Along with Ese Okoro, Donnise Powell also qualified for the 400-meter hurdles. Powell’s time of 59.39 ties her second best effort in the race.

Kendra White earned her spot in the final round of the 400-meter dash with a time of 54.94.

Senior Maggie Gannon was the fourth-fastest in the preliminary round of the 1,500-meter run. For Gannon, time wasn’t an issue, she just wanted to earn her spot in the finals. Gannon’s strategy of sticking close to the leader proved effective and she plans to use it again.

“I am going to run pretty much the same race tomorrow,” Gannon said. “I’ll be right behind the leaders and then stride out the last 400-meters.”

Sophomore Christina Hillman scored the Cyclones 6 points in the shot put. Hillman earned third place in the event with a mark of 55-00.25.

The Iowa State men were led by Nick Efkamp,Jacob Aune,Troy Walls and Ian Waner. Efkamp qualified for the 400-meter dash and Aune earned a spot in the 800-meter run. Ian Warner qualified for the 200-meter dash with a time of 21.31. Walls scored 1.5 points for the Cyclones in the high jump putting the Iowa State men in fifth place with 18.50 points. Texas sits atop the men’s leaderboard with 55.50.

Efkamp, the 2013 Big 12 indoor 400-meter champion, had to make an in-race adjustment  running in lane eight where he wasn’t able to judge where he was against his competition. The Madrid native knows there will be added pressureSunday as he is the reigning indoor champion.

“It has more or less become a target on my back so I know that everyone is kind of gunning for me,” Efkamp said. “The added pressure is going to make me perform.”

Aune clocked an 800-meter time of 1:53.02 and earned the eighth spot in the event's Sunday final.

The meet will resume Sunday with the women’s triple jump starting at 11 a.m. CDT. Results will be posted on after the conclusion of the meet.


Team Standings:
1) Kansas, 53; 2) IOWA STATE, 41; 3) Texas, 31; 4) Kansas State, 28; 5) Oklahoma, 26; 6) Baylor, 17; 7) TCU, 15; T8) Texas Tech, 8; T8, Oklahoma State, 8; 10) West Virginia, 7.

Men: 1) Texas, 60.50; 2) Kansas State, 43; 3) Texas Tech, 39.50; 4) Oklahoma, 37; 5) IOWA STATE, 18.50; 6) Oklahoma State, 17; 7) Baylor, 9; 8) Kansas, 7.50; 9) TCU, 2.


Women’s Results
400-meter dash prelims:
1) Diamond Dixon, Kansas, 52.26; 8) Kendra White, IOWA STATE, 54.94; 12) Dana Christensen, IOWA STATE, 56.79; 23) Jessica Nichols, IOWA STATE, 57.20.

400-meter hurdles prelims: 1) Danielle Dowie, Texas, 57.55; 2) Ese Okoro, IOWA STATE, 58.10; 7) Donnise Powell, IOWA STATE, 59.39; 12) Krista Shoeman, IOWA STATE, 1:02.16.

800-meter run prelims: 1) Natalja Piliusina, Oklahoma State, 2:07.51; 3) Ejiro Okoro, IOWA STATE, 2:08.37.

1,500-meter run prelims: 1) Kelly Mariah, Baylor, 4:26.00; 4) Maggie Gannon, IOWA STATE, 4:28.92; 9) Perez Rotich, IOWA STATE, 4:33.45.

Shot put: 1) Tia Brooks, Oklahoma, 60-08.75; 3) Christina Hillman, IOWA STATE, 55-00.25; 10) Hayli Bozarth, IOWA STATE, 51-03.75; 11) Danielle Frere, IOWA STATE, 51-03.50; 15) Ashley Thooft, IOWA STATE, 45-07.00; 16) Tressa Borchardt, IOWA STATE, 41-06.50.

Long jump: 1) Francine Simpson, Kansas, 21-10.75; 18) Bree Woelber, IOWA STATE, 16-09.75

800-mete run heptathlon: 1) Sarah Kolmer, Kansas State, 2:16.76; 9) Kaci Storm, IOWA STATE, 2:28.91; 12) Bree Woelber, IOWA STATE, 2:38.24; 14) Jordon Andreassen, IOWA STATE, 2:44.39.

Long jump heptathlon: 1) Erica Twiss, Kansas State, 19-09.75; 8) Bree Woelber, IOWA STATE, 17-10.25; 10) Jordon Andreassen, IOWA STATE, 17-06.25; 15) Kaci Storm, IOWA STATE, 15-07.75.

Javelin throw heptathlon: 1) Lindsay Vollmer, Kansas, 138-08; 2) Bree Woelber, IOWA STATE, 121-09; 9) Jordon Andreassen, IOWA STATE, 102-09; 10) Kaci Storm, IOWA STATE, 102-02.

Heptathlon final: 1) Lindsay Vollmer, Kansas, 5644; 10) Bree Woelber, IOWA STATE, 4679; 11) Jordon Andreassen, IOWA STATE, 4663; 14) Kaci Storm, IOWA STATE, 3722.


Men’s Results
200-meter dash prelims:
1) Charles Simon, TCU, 20.69; 6) Ian Warner, IOWA STATE, 21.31.

400-meter dash prelims: 1) Kyle Clemons, Kansas, 46.16; 5) Nick Efkamp, IOWA STATE, 47.09.

800-meter run prelims: 1) Nick Rivera, Texas Tech, 1:51.86; 8) Jacob Aune, IOWA STATE, 1:53.02; 9) Alec Baldwin, IOWA STATE, 1:53.75; 17) Rico Loy, IOWA STATE, 1:55.86.

High jump: 1) Erik Kynard, Kansas State, 7-06.50; T7) Troy Walls, IOWA STATE, 6-09.50.

Long jump: 1) Bryce Lamb, Texas Tech, 26-04.25; 11) Ethan Wilkins, IOWA STATE, 22-09.75.

Discus throw: 1) Clint Harris, Texas, 188-04; 14) Henry Kelley, IOWA STATE, 153-03; 15) Nick Kleppe, IOWA STATE, 148-04.

110-meter hurdles decathlon: 1) Jake Wohlford, Texas, 14.37; 2) Ethan Wilkins, IOWA STATE, 14.44; 5) Taylor Sanderson, IOWA STATE, 15.26; 9) Matt Harmeyer, IOWA STATE, 15.86.

1,500-meter run decathlon: 1) Matt Harmeyer, IOWA STATE, 4:33.90; 4) Ethan Wilkins, IOWA STATE, 4:38.68; 7) Taylor Sanderson, IOWA STATE, 4:44.14.

Discus throw decathlon: 1) Johannes Hock, Texas, 176-08; 6) Taylor Sanderson, IOWA STATE, 114-03; 8) Matt Harmeyer, IOWA STATE, 93-08; 9) Ethan Wilkins, IOWA STATE, 92-03.

Pole vault decathlon: 1) Johannes Hock, Texas, 15-04.50; 8) Ethan Wilkins, IOWA STATE, 13-01.00; 9) Taylor Sanderson, IOWA STATE, 12-09.00.

Javelin throw decathlon: 1) Tomas Kirielius, Kansas State, 224-03; 7) Taylor Sanderson, IOWA STATE, 159-10; 9) Ethan Wilkins, IOWA STATE, 147-02; 10) Matt Harmeyer, IOWA STATE, 141-04.

Decathlon total: 1) Johannes Hock, Texas, 8293; 4) Ethan Wilkins, IOWA STATE, 6954; 9) Taylor Sanderson, IOWA STATE, 6042; 10) Matt Harmeyer, IOWA STATE, 5526.

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