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Greetings From Rome - Part 2

Release: 08/15/2014
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Ciao from Rome!! My days are little mixed up because this time change is crazy. I woke up today with a gelato hangover, I LOVE IT!! Learning to say all the different flavors in Italian is the hardest, funniest thing to do! My favorite so far has been strawberry and I think that's going be the go-to for the rest of the trip, so good!

Today we toured the Colosseum and if you have a bucket list, add seeing this to it even though I think I saw more people taking selfies than actual parts of the Colosseum that was left, ha. The Roman Forum was in a valley, the hottest part of Italy but was really interesting.

My fun fact for today for y'all is that these fountains in Italy aren't just for show! You can fill a water bottle up at these fountains as you walk around the city and you're good to go. The United States should invest in that system, if you ask me.

Maddy, Nikki, Kidd and I ate at a pizzeria for lunch and spent 15 minutes figuring out that peperoni pizza in Italy is bell peppers on a pizza, divola is actual pepperoni, try figuring that out with a waiter who speaks no English!

Good news, my team (Seanna, Emily and I) won the Amazing Race. Our friends from Basketball Travelers gave us a map and some monuments to find and we raced the streets of Rome. Along the way, we got lost, ate more gelato, sweat a lot & rode with a 100-percent non-English speaking cab driver. However,  we won our Roma tank tops so life is good!!

Tonight's agenda is dinner and sleep, still trying to get my body used to this time zone.You will be asleep when we take off, but are off to Florence tomorrow for sightseeing and wine tasting (if any of you wanted to know a fun fact about me there it is, I LOVE wine).

I miss my family and everyone back home but can't wait to share with everyone how the rest of the trips goes, so much already in the first 24 hours. Two days until GAME DAY--get up Clones! Tomorrow Kidd will be blogging for you about our trip to Florence!



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