Meet the Coach

Head Cheer Squad Coach/Spirit Squad Coordinator
Kelli Baker, Head Coach


Cheer Squad FAQ

How many cheer squads are there?
We have two cheerleading squads - co-ed and all-girl.

How many people are on the teams?
Both teams are not limited to a specific amount. However, we usually have 24 participants on all-girl, and up to 20 participants on co-ed.

What sports do the squads cheer for?
Both Co-ed and all-girl cheer for football, volleyball, men's basketball, and women's basketball.

Do you compete? If so, where?
Yes, we compete at the NCA College Cheerleading National Championships in Daytona Beach, Fla., as well as NCA Cheerleading Camp during the summer. We may also perform at various local events or competitions.

How often do you practice and for how long?
The team will practice three times a week for two hours each.

Are practices mandatory?
All practices are mandatory. Being on this team is a full commitment.

Does the cheer squad travel with the sports that they cheer for?
There are certain road games that the cheer squad is allowed to travel to. The members allowed to go on these trips are decided by the coaching staff. These road games include: away football games, occasional away basketball and volleyball games, and any post season play (BCS Bowl games, Big 12 Championships, NIT/NCAA Tournaments).

What are the expectations/requirements for being on the team?
- Attendance at all practices.
- Attendance at all home football games.
- Attendance at assigned volleyball and basketball games.
- Attendance at various games/practices during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break.
- Attendance at required/requested appearances.
- Enrollment in a minimum of 12 credit hours at Iowa State University each semester.
- Maintaining a 2.0 Cumulative GPA throughout time on squad.
- Compliance of all rules and regulations set forth by Athletic Department and spirit squad coaches.
- Participation in all fundraising efforts/events required of the Spirit Squads.
- Participate in cheer squad for entire year spans (trying out for partial year participation is not allowed).

Are there summer commitments?
Yes, there are summer commitments that will consist of special appearances, mandatory summer camp, and squad practices that run one time each month.

How much does it cost to be on the team?
The cost to be on the team can run around $300-$500. Most costs will be due soon after tryouts.

Are there scholarships available?
Partial stipends may be awarded to second, third, and fourth year members pending compliance to rules/regulations.

When are tryouts?
Each year, tryout dates will be posted here when availble.

Do you accept video tryouts?
We would prefer to see all potential team members in person but if the tryout dates conflict with approved prior commitments, we do allow a video tape tryout. You will need to contact the coach, Kelli Baker, at for all the necessary elements to be included in the video as well a deadline to submit it. Please be aware that higher expectations will be placed on those that send in a video tryout.

What elements are required at tryouts?
Everyone participating in tryouts will be taught the ISU Fight Song to be performed for scores. Tumbling is not required, but HIGHLY suggested to have a minimum of a standing back handspring. A selected jump or jump sequence will be required, as well as required/suggested stunting skills.
Required stunting skills (may add transitions to increase difficulty scores):
- Heel Stretch with a full/double down dismount (all-girl)
- Arabesque with a full/double down dismount (all-girl)
- Shoulder Stand (co-ed)
- Toss Hands to Extension/Liberty (co-ed)

What do I need to wear to tryouts?
We ask that girls wear form fitting clothing and bring your own cheer shoes. We ask that males wear athletic clothing/shoes. We also expect everyone to look game-day ready (make-up, hair done nicely, etc.).

Are incoming freshmen allowed to tryout/cheer?
Yes, incoming freshmen are allowed to tryout and will cheer all regular sporting events.

What do I need to bring to tryouts?
You will need to bring your insurance information and a recent physical. All the necessary forms are linked on this website, but will also be available the day of tryouts. If you do not show proof of insurance and a current physical, you will not be allowed to tryout.

Are you a competitive or performance-based team?
We are both. We first and foremost support our University by fulfilling all requirements at sporting events and appearances. We also focus heavily on competing at a national level to represent our cheer squad in a competitive fashion.