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Scholarship endowments are a key source of funding that can help ensure the long-term health of the Iowa State University athletics program.  Endowments help underwrite the costs of tuition, room, board, books, academic support and other student services for each of Iowa State’s 18 varsity sports.

The costs for scholarship support in the athletics department continue to escalate and securing endowments is one way to gain that support and also, if the donor wishes, recognize or honor an individual with a named endowment.

Athletics scholarship endowment naming opportunities are available to fully endow an athletics scholarship ($250,000) or name an endowed scholarship ($25,000).  Gifts may be pledged over time, typically three to five years.

Several of the existing department endowments have been named in honor or memory of an individual.


Here is a list of current endowed scholarships for Iowa State Athletics:

Silas Snyder Scholarship Award
Engel Football Scholarship Endowment
Jordan L. Larson, Jr. Quarterback Scholarship
Richard (Swede) and Beverly Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Casey, Elsie and Ivan Impson Engineering Scholarship
William Vinson Bibb Endowed Scholarship
William A. Minert Athletic Scholarship
Grace & T. Wilson Endowed Athletic Scholarship
James W. White Athletic Scholarship Fund
General Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship (MBB&Iowa)
Golf Scholarship - General
Lloyd & Ada Bock Athletic Scholarship
Lowell W. and Geraldine Mattox Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Richard S. Grant Scholarship Fund
Lindus L. Caulum Track Award
Ralph Aulmann Memorial Fund
Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Scholarship
Jack McGuire Endowed Scholarship
Laura Vernon Scholarship for Women Athletes
Brownlie Scholarship
Curt Lindholm Golf Scholarship
Peg Neppel Darrah Memorial Track Award
Ralph A. Olsen Basketball Recognition Awards
Jim Doerr Tennis Scholarship
Muriel Margaret MacBride Swimming Scholarship
Watkins & Schwartz Athletic Trainer Achievement Award
Mike Michalske Football Scholarship
Waldo Wegner Basketball Scholarship (MBB&Iowa)
Barney Simmons Memorial Scholarship
Edward J. and Ruth K. Bock Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Gary and Donnice Woods Endowed Wrestling Scholarship
Pete Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Waldo Wegner Basketball Scholarship (MBB)
William Fennelly Women's Basketball Scholarship
Randy Juhl Endowed Scholarship
Dorothy & Frank Horn Women's Basketball Scholarship Endowmnt
Lynn Kruse Football Scholarship
R. David Van Eaton Wrestling Scholarship
Waters & Banwart Athletics-Engineering Scholarship
Charles W. Case Football Scholarship
James Hildebrand Women's Basketball Scholarship
Robert Kirke Men's Basketball Endowed Scholarship
Steve and Mary Foutch Family Scholarship -
Bill & Linda Bywater Athletics-Engineering Scholarship
Ronald and Pamela Hallenbeck Women's Basketball Scholarship
Voy Football Scholarship Endowment
Kent Harrold Football Scholarship
Sandra K. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Dan and Katie Molyneaux Endowed Golf Scholarship
Johnny Orr Basketball Scholarship
Youngblade Men's Basketball Scholarship
Frank Snyder Endowed Scholarship