What is SAAC?

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee was established in 1994 to create a mechanism for Iowa State University student-athletes to participate in the governance and decision making processes of the athletics department. Below are the primary objectives of the SAAC:

  • To provide student-athletes with the opportunity to communicate effectively with the Iowa State University Athletics Department administration, coaches, and staff.

  • To enable student-athletes to provide recommendations for the improvement of the academic, athletic and personal welfare of student-athletes.

  • To actively encourage the involvement of student-athletes in campus and community projects.

  • To design and implement programs that encourages academic achievement, health promotion, social responsibility, and career development.

  • To promote unity, common purpose, and collaboration between teams and among all student-athletes.

  • Who is Involved?

    The SAAC is comprised of a representative and an alternate from each team at Iowa State. SAAC conducts monthly meetings throughout the academic year. Meeting discussions include such topics as educational programs, career development, community service, athletic department policies, student-athlete and team grievances, equity, and NCAA legislation.