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A priority points system was created to provide a consistent, fair, orderly and equitable procedure for distributing benefits (primarily tickets and parking) to Iowa State University Athletics donors. Donors are rewarded (by accumulating points) for annual and lifetime giving to Athletics as well as season ticket purchases in football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball. Donor level within the Cyclone Club, in conjunction with position in the priority points system, determines order of distribution for the current year’s available benefits. Only active donor accounts earn priority points.

See the information below for calculation rules and a sample calculation.

Calculation Rules

Annual Giving: 10 points are awarded for each $100 donated
All-Time Giving: 10 points are awarded for each $1,000 donated
Season Tickets: 10 points per sport per year (consecutive years) for the purchase of season tickets to football, men's basketball or women's basketball (note: women's basketball was added beginning 1999-00.)

Sample Calculation

An Iowa State donor contributed amounts ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 annually over a five-year period. The donor's all-time giving totaled $13,000. In addition, the donor purchased 11 season tickets during that time frame. See the chart below to see how the donor's priority points are calculated.

Drive Year Annual Giving Priority Pts. Season Tickets Priority Pts.
1 $1,500 =150 FB =10
2 $1,500 =150 FB, MBB =20
3 $2,500 =250 FB, MBB =20
4 $2,500 =250 FB, MBB, WBB =20
5 $5,000 =500 FB, MBB, WBB =30

All-time Giving: $13,000 = 130 Priority Points

Annual Giving Breakdown

Annual Giving In Current Year (Drive Year 5 Above) 500
Season Tickets Purchase 110
All-Time Giving 130
Total Priority Points (For Drive Year 5 Above) 740