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Spirit Squad Appearance Request
Please fill out the fields below to request any members of the Iowa State University Spirit Squad to appear at your upcoming event. Any request made must be sent at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event.

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Requester Information

Individual or Organization Name
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Contact Person for Organization
Mailing Address
Zip Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
Event Information

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Cheer Squad
Dance Team
Name of Event
Day of Week
Start Time of Spirit Squad attendance
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Event Location
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Name of Contact on Day of Event
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Comments/Instructions for Event
Request Terms & Conditions

Appearances must be requested at least two (2) weeks in advance to the actual event date. Failure to do so limits the availability of the Spirit Squad to fulfill the request. Filling out this request form does not guarantee availability of the Spirit Squad for the appearance. Iowa State reserves the right to cancel an appearance due to illness, personal emergency, schedule conflicts, etc. Iowa State also reserves the right to refuse any appearance request. Please remember that the Spirit Squad members are students of the university with very busy schedules. Appearances requested within class hours will be much more difficult to fill and less likely to be approved. The Spirit Squad will NOT make appearances in bars. The Cy suit will not be rented to the general public under any circumstance and only the participants of the Mascot Squad are allowed to occupy the suit. At the events, the requester must provide a private location for Cy to dress and a secure place for Spirit Squad members to place bags or personal items. The changing location must be away from public access to protect the anonymity of the mascot occupying the suit. Requester must provide water for Cy and Spirit Squad members if necessary. If parking or tickets are required for entrance to the event, all must be provided by the Requester.
Cost for Booking

Iowa State (departments, clubs, etc.): A fee of $100/hour will be charged for any campus group requests. Appearances must be a minimum of 30 minutes, and maximum of 2 hours. General Public: Appearances for companies, individuals, and general public groups will be charged $200/hour for total appearance time. Any appearances outside of the Ames area will be charged the appropriate hourly rate for total appearance time, with an additional fee of $0.50/mile for round trip mileage. 501c Non-Profit Organizations: Each month, the Spirit Squad will do one (1) complimentary appearance for a 501c non-profit organization. This will be filled on a first-to-reserve basis. Any non-profit groups that request an appearance after the complimentary one is filled will be charged the appropriate rates listed above. No organization may book more than one (1) complimentary event within each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and the appearance time cannot exceed two (2) hours. Payments must be received at least two (2) days prior to the event. Failure to do so may warrant the Spirit Squad to cancel or refuse the appearance. Cash, check or intramural purchase orders are the only accepted forms of payment.
Photograph Usage Rules

Cy is a trademarked character of Iowa State University. When he is at appearances and events, photographs may be taken and used for personal use only. Any company, organization, or individuals are not allowed to use photographs of Cy or any Iowa State marks for advertisements. Using a photo of Cy or Spirit Squad members to advertise for the specific event is not allowed either.
Agreement to Request Terms and Conditions and Cost for Booking
I have read and understand the Request Terms and Conditions, Cost for Booking, and Photograph Usage Rules.
After completing the request form, you will be shown a confirmation of the information sent. You can then expect an email of approval or denial of the appearance approximately two (2) weeks prior to the event (earlier if possible). Final confirmation of details and invoice of the appearance charges that may apply will also be sent two (2) weeks prior to the event if possible. If you have any further questions on the appearance request, you may contact the Spirit Squad Coordinator/Head Cheerleading Coach, Kelli Baker by email at or by phone at 515-294-5647. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your event!
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