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Cyclone Feud Tailgate Tour Questions
Hey Cyclone fans it is that time of year again, we are getting ready to head out on the Iowa State Tailgate Tour starting next week. But first we need your help... The Iowa State coaching staff will once again be playing our version of the Family Feud, the “Cyclone Feud”. This contest involves two teams and each team will try to be the first to name the most popular responses to a survey question posted to 100 people.

Click here for a link to an episode from last year.

In order to include some fun Iowa State questions we need your help. Please answer the survey questions below and we will take to top 6 answers to use for the game. Try and write down the first thing that comes to your mind after reading the question.

Thanks for your help! Our first episode will be posted on Monday, May 13th.

Required Fields in Bold

Lots of fans come to Ames for Cyclone game days, Name a popular restaurant they might attend.
Name a popular tailgating lot spot (example: G7, S4, D4, etc.)
You are heading out for Cyclone gameday, what is something you cannot leave the house without?
Name something the State of Iowa has a lot of.
Name a sport or game that a lot of senior citizens play.
Name an individual with a banner that hangs in Hilton Coliseum.
Name an iconic Iowa State University building or landmark.
Other than Cy, give us the NAME of a Big 12 mascot (ex: Cy, not Cyclones)
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